Welcome to Money Maker UK.

The purpose of this page is mainly to tell you of what I am offering and what you will be dealing with if you choose to co-operate. Put basically I can offer you free money. How? Through companies eager for new customers. Now let me go in to more detail on the subject:

Companies are desperate for new customers. So much so that they are willing to gamble to gain them. They will partner with people like me to redirect people to their site. If the people I have redirected then sign up they will pay me a small comission, they even allow me to offer initiatives. Often it is for people to sign up for free offers, in other cases they will pay £15 pounds for a £10 deposit, confident that their customer will stay. In any case you see where the money comes in. So now that you know what you are dealing with you have the choice to join me. At the moment with the companies I have in my database and the offers they provide you can make an easy £200. It's not a fortune, true, but once you are logged as a member I can contact you almost weekly with new offers that are provided to me. Here is an example of the type of email I send:

There is no obligation to complete any of the offers given. Payments are always 5 working days after completion of offer and minimum payout for checks is £10. If you use Paypal you will be paid no matter what the amount.

If you are wondering why I work via email and not a website I have many reasons to satisfy your curiosity. Firstly there is the issue of hackers. I have experienced first hand, honest online businesses being brought down by DDoS attacks and User Hacking. In many a case, hackers will steal members details from the website's database and these can vary from full member details to simply thousands of the member's emails. By working via email I can keep a members database which will be under my own protection and not open to hacker's attack. Also I am always fully operational for I do not have to rely on web hosts keeping a site up. And finally I do not like working on automated systems. There are a few websites that work similar to the way I do but they use a log on system and an automated system that records what offers they click on and then ads the earnings to their account. But they are unreliable. So much so that these sites have to have a minimum payout of at least £25 which a lot of their members struggle to reach. I like the fact that you are dealing with me and not just a machine. It makes it more personal and easier for any issues to be resolved.
To signup send me an email at uk.advertisers@yahoo.co.uk with the following details:

>>Signup Details

-- First Name
-- Gender
-- Age

>>Then either:

-- Your Paypal Address


-- Your Full Name and Adress to send check

I hope to hear from you soon, if you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me.


I am offering a referral scheme of 10%. You will be paid 10% of whatever your referral earns. So if your referral earns £50 you will be paid £5. If you refer over 5 people I will increase your earnings to 15% on each referal. This is a very good percentage but its not as easy as posting a link on your website or linking to me through a weblink in any way. What a require for a valid referral is their email address. I will then contact them myself. However the referrals must know why I am contacting them. I will not Spam. If I have problems with people submitting emails at random I will have no choice but to ban them. This scheme is ideal for family and friends. If you like what I have to offer, why not let them know? Once you have told them and they agree simply send me their address and they will count as your referral. There are other ways which you can build up your referrals. You can contact people in forums that are interested in making money or if you own a website you can post a notice. In both cases say that you can put them in contact with me. One thing that I will allow is that the referral contacts me separately but states clearly that he has been referred by you. I apologise for making it so hard but the idea is that I want honest referrals. One last thing; your referrals must have different details (mostly card details) or else they will not be able to earn any money. In other words if you refer a family member that uses the same card as you it will not work. Note- Hopefully you have realised that, because of this, you can not refer yourself. So don't try. All in all, good luck.


There is one other thing I can offer you and that is cashback from spending money in certain webstores. It can vary from 1% to 20% cashback on what you spend at the store. If you buy items online don't hesitate to contact me. I have a big database of of companies that I have cashback deals with, including; Sony, Apple, HP, HMV, Alienware and many, many more.
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